Friday, August 1, 2014

I caught the Chalkboard bug!

My new favorite artistic outlet is Chalkboard Art! I found this chalkboard at my favorite store HomeGoods and I have had so much fun designing new art every couple weeks. 
I first sketch out my ideas on graph paper then I have a good idea of what goes where and my design preference. It just works out better for me that way.
Here is my Fourth of July Chalkboard:
The great thing is nothing is permanent and you can wipe off it if you make a mistake.

I hosted our families birthday celebration for June and I wanted to incorporate everyones name for their special day. I love the cake!! I also discovered how important it is to SHADE. You can download Chalkboard Fonts and design your chalk art on Word first. I always add a shadow to my words so I get that extra pop, and then when you are doing your art work you have a good reference.
The pom-poms are homemade. I found this amazing little Pom-pom maker that is just so fun and fast to make. I used a multicolored yarn and I love how festive it turned out.
I hope you have as much fun as I did.
Go create something!

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